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Comparison of office rent
in the center of Moscow and outside Moscow (beyond MKAD)

Earlier everybody wanted to rent an office in the center of Moscow. Today this is quite expensive. That is why many companies are ready to consider possibility to rent an office on the outskirts of Moscow or even beyond MKAD. In our days companies do not pay too much attention to the office status, and there is sense in it. If your business is not focused on exclusive clients then you should rent an office outside Moscow. It will save your money which you can use for business development of your company. Also, rental rates for offices in the center of Moscow are constantly and significantly rising. Only huge corporations or major representative offices can allow paying about $2000 per 1 m2 annually for office status.

If you compare an office in Moscow center and an office outside MKAD the latter is more attractive. This is because of its rental rate, transport accessibility, and big parking lot which are very important. Also, there appear a lot of possibilities in the market of offices rent outside MKAD as there now exist B category office centers as well as modern A category offices. In general, the status of such offices can not be compared with that of offices in the Moscow center. However, offices outside Moscow have more advantages. And finally, if you are in production business then you should definitely rent an office in the near Moscow region.

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