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Stock 1

Action end: 01.01.2008

Privatization just $ 300 Privatization is
of your ownership. From this moment you are under the protection of the Constitution of Russia as the owner of your home. This gives you the right to freely dispose of their property - sell, donate, bequeath, and make full use of the title.
To do this you need to contact us by phone. 665-7777. Helping to solve quite yet complicated cases. If necessary, represent your interests in court.


Stock 2

Action end: 31.12.2008

All programs mortgage commission to 2% of property value
Conducting a range of services from initial consultation to obtain documents on the ownership of real estate you liked. The calculation only on the fact of the work performed.
More information can be obtained by calling 665-7777


Stock 3

Action constant

For individuals there is a special program to pay compensation - up to 15% of the cost of services, in case of re-treatment in our company or clients coming to us on your recommendation.


Stock 4

Action constant

For those customers who entered into any agreement with Stone Belt Properties to 01.06.2010, the subsidiary travel agency Travel Kamp (Kamp Travel) offers a one-time discount on the tour to any country in the world of up to 50% of their Commission. Select a country hotel to pick up the catalog, see photos and reviews the expected places of rest, get detailed advice you can on the site Tourist Camp Travel kamp-travel.ru or call us at tel. (495) 665-00-65 (multiline). To receive the discount simply need to present a contract with a company Stone Belt Property for any action on the estate.

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