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News and developments

General plan of Moscow.

Moscow plans to renovate at least 2 million square meters. meters of housing annually, as evidenced by the draft Master Plan of Moscow. But after the meeting of the Moscow government, it is dedicated to urban planning, project gennplana were sent back for revision. It's for the best - the figures and projects provided by the mayor of Moscow is not quite like. Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov sure that the resources of urban development above, provided plans.

In general plan of Moscow, in particular the planned reconstruction of housing in the amount of about 7 million square meters. pm, with attention not only to five-story building, but the 9-storey building.
In accordance with the draft General Plan, sent back for revision in the section of the housing stock and housing up to 2025 stress the importance of the implementation of plans for the demolition of 5-storey prefabricated buildings, in particular episodes 1-510, 1-511, 1-515, dilapidated and damaged houses. The total area intended for the demolition of housing - 20 million square meters. m Head of the Moscow Government believes that these amounts can be more. In addition, in some cases and can include the demolition of 9-storey and 12-storey is not subject to reconstruction panel and modular houses Series II-49, II-57, 1605-AM. Since the draft master plan sent back for revision, the new figures may be even higher..

Re-or dissolution investkontraktov in Moscow?

The Moscow City Government is ready to avoidance of contracts and agreements with certain investors, construction on an area of 5 million sqm The fact that many prisoners before investkontrakty reconstruction and renovation projects in Moscow are contrary to federal law. Office of the Federal Service of State refuses to register such investors in regitratsii rights to land. What in general can lead eventually to a lack of new space. Although in principle the secondary market will cover this deficit, and there is hope that before the final dissolution investkontraktov it will not come. At this time considered an amendment to the Land Code, which can extend the existing contract with the developers. .

Analysts of the major real estate companies want growth.

The crisis in the area of real estate transactions are not retreating. But analysts' optimistic statements of large companies from time to time arise in the press. That's autumn on the nose. What we hear now. Analysts say Miel such caution about the state of the real estate market in the autumn - if the socio-economic situation improves, and the activity of real estate will increase. In general, there is no single answer.
Analysts consider same company Incom more optimistic version - Stable prices are expected in the secondary market in Moscow, on average no more than 6 thousand dollars for a square. m in Moscow, with the cheapest apartment will cost about 4.1 thousand dollars per 1 square. m. But there is a bad option, and developments in the case of lower oil prices.
Everybody of course wants to get out of stagnant state, and large companies in particular, because the costs are generally well very high..

Frozen new buildings of Moscow.

The chief architect of Moscow Alexander Kuzmin, the exact number of "frozen" in the capital construction objects - 400 objects. It can be objects like nedostorya and not the project starts. In general, if judged on the amount of Moscow this figure is not that big. Preserved objects are often more expensive than their completion. In the real estate market as a whole, frozen objects capital do not have absolutely no influence..

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