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The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) company provides the following services, either separately or in package:

  • Opening and full administration of inheritance proceedings in notary offices of Moscow (special recommendation - notary Elena Alexeevna Amelkina, Leninsky prospect, 1, 4th floor, office 417, phone 722-65-70, http://www.amelkina.ru );

    Preliminary Application for probate

  • Consultations and full services with regard to purchase or assignment of real estate in Moscow and Moscow region, by all means;

    Request for consultation

  • Preparation of full package of documents on any type of real estate;
  • Obtaining the data from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Property (EGRP) in Moscow;
  • Obtaining the data from record offices of the authorities performing state registration of rights to real property and transactions involving such property, prior to the EGRP establishment;
  • Obtaining the data from the EGRP with regard to real property items located in the territory of Moscow, with and/or without indication of title documents;
  • State registration of rights to real property and transactions involving such property in residential and non-residential fund of Moscow;
  • State registration of rights to real property and transactions involving such property in residential and non-residential fund of Moscow;
  • Representation of interests of the parties when providing support in transactions involving real estate (accounts in banks, agreements registration in notary offices, transactions and title registration in the Department of Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping, transfer of property under an Act, and many other services).

For your convenience you can conclude a services agreement in the place convenient for you or in our office at the following address: Moscow, B. Polyanka str., 42/2, bld. 1, phone 665-77-77 (multiline).


Our company Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) has the honor to report on the new program which has been recently commissioned in Moscow. We believe that the best name for this program is "Inheritance without worries" as it helps us to feel comfortable in our modern life.

When private property appeared in our country there appeared not only new possibilities but also new worries. The current legislation which changes and improves regularly enables us to protect our interests on the civilized basis. However, only professionals can follow all changes in the laws of our country.

When you think that solving legal issues is easy you can be mistaken.

What are the benefits of this new program?

Notarial activity is one the main and important law institutions. Conversion of state notariat into private notariat was not fast. Currently all notaries providing services to customers are the private ones, and they bear full responsibility for the performed actions under the law. Until recently, formalization of the inheritance rights was the only notary activity which reminded about the law of the Soviet times. Each notary was responsible for certain street addresses, and you could formalize your rights of inheritance just with the certain authorized notary. Such limitations brought a lot of troubles and inconvenience to us all.

As it can be understood from the name "Inheritance without worries" the specialists from our company suggest that our clients take advantage of the more convenient way of formalizing their rights of inheritance on the basis of this new program. It is now as easy as formalizing a power of attorney for car driving.

Our professionals have been working in the field of the inheritance law for more than ten years, and they have practical experience in all stages of changes of the inheritance law. Real estate, shares, bank accounts, firms, movable property, liabilities, credit financing for non-formalized rights and all that is relevant to inheritance is just daily routine work for us.

Unfortunately, acceptance of inheritance is related to the sad days in our lives if not to say the tragic days. Not everyone can formalize his rights in correct and timely manner. Cheaters are also up-and-doing in situations like these. Sometimes we have to assist people in protecting their rights through the courts because they didn't take the right steps in time.

We believe that one of the distinctive features of the services proposed by us is that our specialists can render the qualified assistance to you even in such a situation when you have to formalize your inheritance in Moscow or Moscow region living far away from the capital city. If necessary, following the preliminary request our specialist can immediately leave for any city of the Russian Federation, CIS and non-CIS countries and provide the practical assistance to you.

We offer assistance in dealing with various sensitive legal issues to anyone wishing to take advantage of it.

Present life style requires beautiful words and slogans. Our employees have been working in various periods influenced by various life styles. Instead of saying the correct and beautiful words we offer high quality services, and you have a right to take advantage of them.


Complete information about inheritance, its formalization, registration, and notariate

Inheritance law terminology >>>
Here you can learn the main inheritance terminology, possible options of rights and responsibilities transfer under the order of succession, and the methods of inheriting.
Inheritance law is primarily regulated by part three of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Templates of the certificates of inheritance rights by law/by will >>>
Inheritance by law occurs just in case of the right to inheritance by will absence. Number of clause in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in a certificate of inheritance right by law indicates the order of priority of taking the inheritance right. Inheritance by will is the more priority inheritance right as it includes possibilities of free expression of ancestor's will.

sample wills in favor of one person >>>
In this case indicates the subsequent appointment by transfer of rights to all existing or future acquired property of the testator to one sole heir.

sample of the testament in favor of several persons >>>
In this will, guided by the norms of the Civil Code art. 1149 can be divided into an estate among several persons.

Notary refusal of an inheritance common/showing konretnogo person >>>
Heir has every right to refuse the inheritance, if he loses the status of heir in full. A partial waiver of the inheritance is not possible (Civil Code art. 1158). But the heir has the right to refuse the inheritance in favor of a specific person (Civil Code Art. 1157, 1158), which creates a directed denial and changes the terms of the heirs.

Sample disclaimer of an inheritance by will >>>
This statement renouncing the inheritance - the formal act, which is served at the place of opening the inheritance by a notary.

Sample disclaimers of implied share of the inheritance >>>
Denial of inheritance irrevocable. In the case of the heirs to a compulsory share of inheritance for unimpeded further operations on the property, the main successor must obtain the notarized statement of refusal of a compulsory share of inheritance, unless we have the consent of the heir.

sample of the testament to the legacies >>>
Bequest or Legat - this assignment to the heirs of the duty of property properties due to the inheritance in favor of certain individuals. Such persons are called legatees and have the right to enforce the relevant obligations.

certificate of inheritance by law in order hereditary trasmissii >>>
Hereditary transmission - a transition right to the inheritance of priority in case of death of the heir, who opened the inheritance, but could not join it because of the death. In this case, the inheritance the heirs draw up the next turn.

framed certificate of inheritance by law on compulsory share >>>
This certificate to a compulsory share of inheritance must be specified percentage, not less than half the share that would be due to the heir at law.

certificate of inheritance by law, certifying the right to heirless estate >>>
This certificate of inheritance, the law defines the transfer of right to property in favor of the state, in the absence of heirs.


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