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Here you can ask your question on the work of the free bulletin board, make its own proposal or to submit an idea to improve the quality and convenience in this section. All your comments and proposals are published on this page to the binding our response. Believe me - very precious to us your opinion.

Text of the question, ideas or advice:

Bulletin Board on the commercial real estate
Send the board of commercial real estate such an announcement: Our management company offers for rent new offices in a nice business center in the CAO. Hour security, internet, telephony , dining hall, parking. advantageous prices. It announcement has not yet been published. Why?
on our website in the message boards are not advertised with a "faceless" content. It is necessary to specify the address, area, customized features and options very desirable price point. While the message board on commercial real estate has a search engine for the metro, district, and the appointment of commercial real estate. In the future, perhaps the search will be fleshed out in more detail. And for your ad to appear when you request the prospective client and you want to specify more detailed options object. Ads for commercial real estate practice is the real basis for variants of the non-residential real estate in Moscow and Moscow region.

Bulletin Board on the commercial real estate
Did everything as written and photos uploaded (volume of about 100 kb) and the text of a specific written and price display. And in the photo all the same the I do not see the ad.
Dear Oleg! likely reason may be that the photo posted on the so-called "hidden advertising - a link." Namely, the photo discern the address link to another site. These photos are not accepted for publication.

Bulletin Board on property abroad
I filled the form of ads with photos (uploaded 4 photos) and send to your site. The text has been written about real estate in Italy for cheap prices from the builder. So far I do not see the ad. What is the problem?
ReplySite Admin2010-07-12
Dear Irina, specifically in your ad was a general description of the services that you provide when purchasing property in Italy and an indication of the price of 50 thousand euros for a certain property. These ads are "common" character will not be published. Please describe the specific property with the price and load the false picture. And we are happy to publish your ad on the site.

All the boards
Why do not ads appear as soon as I sent to your site?
ReplySite Admin2010-06-24
We want to board, especially on commercial real estate was actually a real base. This has to carefully handle all requests. We try to avoid repetition of objects, as is often observed in service fee bases. Next, if your proposal is already on the first page of the base, it is not exposed until There will not go to the next page. In addition, most ads are checked by us for the reality. All of this takes time. But since this free bulletin board for the commercial real estate practice is a base with a convenient and simple search, we believe that the time of production facilities on site ( and it is from 1 minute to 6 hours from receipt of your ad), we consider the propriety of this mode instead of the on-line. And of course if possible will minimize time-to ad our visitors.

Bulletin Board on the commercial real estate
I can not upload photos on the site in Photo advertisement on commercial real estate. In what may be the problem?
ReplySite Admin2010-06-22
The most common problems downloading a "heavy" photo. Photo size can not exceed 2 MB RAM, optimally upload photos of about 500 kb. You should also take into account that foromat download only. jpg (dot dzhipeg). The rest of the problems should not be. But if they still have to send us e-mail: info@kamp.ru photos of the property and we will put it in the Photo section of the commercial real estate and the course will place a real home base of commercial real estate (ad)


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