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Real estate in Germany


Flats and houses


Flats (1.5 - 3 rooms) - Northern Rein Westfalia (Recklinghausen)

From 40 m2 Price - 48.000 €
To 70 m2 - 84.000 €

Flats (1 - 2 rooms) - Northern Rein Westfalia (Hattingen)

From 31 m2 Price - 34.100 €
To 57 m2 - 63.168 €

3-storeyed house (3 flats)

Picturesque place in Sauerland wilderness area
770 m above the sea
Living space: 288 m2
Price: 299.000 €

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Country villas


A magnificent villa in Lubtchen

A magnificent villa in Lubtchen on the border with Lower Saxony
(For sale in a way similar to auction)
Minimal price: 107.000 €
Total space: 711 m2
Land plot: 45.796 m2.

Representative villa in Bonn

Representative villa in Bonn
monument of architecture
(For sale in a way similar to auction)
Total space: 415 m2
Land plot: 922 m2

Groups of buildings (multifamily housing)



Located on the coast of creek flowing into the North Sea.
Object consists of 9 buildings and 112 flats (2-, 3- and 5-room)
Total space 6.720 m2
Land plot: 15.862 m2
For sale in a way similar to auction

Gelnhausen (suburbs of Frankfurt am Main - 15 km)

The object consists of 48 flats
(20 of 4-room, 28 of 3-room)
Total space 5.480 m2
56 parking places.
Land plot: 9.700 m2
(For sale in a way similar to auction)

Complex of buildings (70 flats) Mendig

Complex of buildings (70 flats) in Mendig, located to the south of Bonn in picturesque place not far from Laahersee lake and famous Mary Laach monastery
(For sale in a way similar to auction)
Space: 12.315 m2

Commercial real estate


Langenfeld (suburbs of Koln)

3 modern bureau (commercial areas on the first floor) 82 m2 to 209 m2 with adjacent front garden and basements for storage premises. Located in the center of Langenfeld (quiet centre) in several minutes walk from pedestrian zone and central square. Restaurants, shops, sport centers, museums, a concert hall, schools and kindergartens are located nearby.
Excellent transport communication with two large neighboring cities - Dusseldorf (20km - 10-12 minutes by Autobahn) and Koln (10km - 5-7 minutes by Autobahn). Underground garages.

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