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Hotel Sarkka is situated 20 km north of Jyvaskyla airport.40 km from Jyvaskyla and 4 km from city of Aanekoski. Hotel property is situated by the beautiful clean Lake Keitele. The whole hotel property consist of five (5) hectar land. Hotel expansion additional 2000 square meters is possible to make. This is already promised and agreed by the finnish authorities. 400 meters beach line belongs to the property.

The building was completed in year 1989, having entirely 1920 square meters (m2). The hotel facilities include 24 rooms with double beds, own bathroom, television and refrigerator. 5 rooms are two- storeyed, see picture under. The hotel was designed by famous finnish architects Heikkinen and Komonen. In addition to hotel building there are four (4) other buildings belonging to the property. Two Log Houses are for special events.

Bigger house was built 1950 and it was transferred to the existing place in late 1970's It has 170 square meters - two floors and a basement/cellar, (see picture under). Smaller log house has around 40 square meters. Green Row House has 3 apartments each 73 square meters and in addition one common sauna premises with washing/laundry room. Sauna building by the lake is 150 square meters. It has also fireplace and room for relaxation. Expansion for the sauna building is possible -agreed by the finnish authorities.

Another free time activity center just by the lake is called 'Barbecue Booth'. It has fireplace and "dancing floor" for summer parties. Tennis Court. One tennis court is ready for sporty customers. Caravan Area - 24 electronic sockets available for caravans and campers.

The price is 1 500 000 Euros


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