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Sell 7295Nicholas8-903-220-93-16Moscow. AnySpets.nazn.
Well buy or take a long term lease NEO PSN ranging from 500 to 4000 meters Location space - west, between the Leningrad prospectus and Profsoyuznaya Str.. walking distance from the station (no more than 5-7 minutes), as well as accessibility, preferably in the TTC. sure of capacity, not less than 150 kW, to premises of 2000 square meters is planned to be used as a trading area, will necessarily catering and possibly offices. Availability of parking space - is necessary. As an alternative - a small shopping center. 2209316@mail.ru
not verified

Rent 7294Vicky Baghramyan8-915-142-74-70Moscow. SZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Polejaevskaya
4 th Backbone street, 11. Rent in rent office, 72 sqm, Business Center Magistral, 1 line of houses, security, cafes, parking in a fenced area. Room 12 000 rubles sq.m. per annum

Buy 7293Alexander 8-985-767-31-67Moscow. SAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Petrovsko-Razumovskaya
Locomotive proezd. Sale of lease rights, 120 sq. ., 1 line of houses, basement windows, the choir. sost., there are furniture. Price: 1,600,000 USD
Not tested

Buy 7292Alexander 8-985-767-31-67Moscow. SVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Timiryazevskaya
str. Yablochkov. Sale of lease rights, 186 sq.m. , 1 line of houses, basement windows, high pedestrian traffic, the chorus. status. Price: USD 2 million. rents of the city - 1,200 rubles. sqm per annum
not verified

Rent 7290Vladimir9319811Moscow. YuAOWarehouse/pr-in
Subway: Varshavskaya, Kashirskaya
10-15 min. Walk. From the subway. The owner rents warehouses, offices, production, from 100 to 40 000 sq.m., sweat. 5,5 - 12m, telephone, internet, security, video surveillance.
not verified

Rent 7289Vladislav8-905-537-67-71 Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Park Kultury
str. Burdenko, 14 have Bldg. A. Cdaetsya office, 416 sq ft, 8/8 Floor Admin. building, elevator, cabinet layout, air conditioning, security, video surveillance. Price: 20 000 rub. sq.m per year.

Rent 7224Alex8-910-492-72-95 Moscow. SVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Rijskaya, Marina roscha
5 th Maryina Grove. LFPR rent, 160 square meters. m, 1 fl. lived. home, dep. entrance, large windows, two-level room, sweat .- from 2,3 to 3,5 m, capacity - 20 kW, 3 rooms MGTS, internet, direct lease agreement, provided jur . address. Formerly - a beauty salon. Tsena - 180 000 rub. a month. (bargaining)
The Agency

Rent 7285NS Group8-916-334-23-20Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Baumanskaya
str. Novoryazanskaya. Urgently shall PSN, from 3 to 45 sq ft, basement dwelling house (with windows), dep. entrance, a large cross, 1 st line of houses, MGTS, ready for occupancy, the cost of 10 000 rubles per month. There is a possibility PAP.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7284NS Group8-916-334-23-20Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Taganskaya
Kotelnicheskaya nab, 25/8. Urgently rent office block, 100 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, dep. entrance, basement apartment house (with windows) sweat. 3,5 m, 2-line homes, with/y, MGTS, the Internet, the cost - 60 000 rub. in a month.

Buy 7283Andrew Khodyakov797-55-50Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Novokuzneckaya, Tretyakovskaya
str. Sadovnicheskaya, 15, bld . A BA sale building, constructed in 1989., the total area of 14 829.40 sq. m, office center, class "B", 6-7 floors + basement, all communications, MGTS. Land 5,710 sq ft.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7282Eugene991-99-24Moscow region. EastWarehouse/pr-in
Reutov, st. Prospekt Mira, 69 , 500m from Moscow, Gorky highway. rent a warehouse and production space in the new 2-storey heated complex, 15,000 square meters., sweat. 7m .- 1 st floor, sweat. 3,5 m - 2 nd Floor , anti-dust floor, guards, have offices, elevators. Price: 295 rub. sqm per month
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7281Sharikov Oksana8-903-268-77-12Moscow region. EastWarehouse/pr-in
Noginsk, 55 km from Moscow, Gorky highway. the rents of industrial warehouse space of 3500 square meters, one-storey building, sweat. 9 m, all communications, 1 line center. road. Rent 150-200 rub. sqm per month
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7280Andrew8-925-878-89-89Moscow. YuAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Bratislavskaya, Marino
str. Bratislava, 22. The rents of commercial premises from 5 to 200 sq ft, 2 nd floor bargaining. Center, Dep. input, 1 line of houses. No Fees. Owner. Price from 1500 to 2500 rubles/sq.m/month
not verified

Buy 7278Andrew Khodyakov797-55-50Moscow. CAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Arbatskaya, Biblioteka im. Lenina
str. Bolshaya Nikitskaya 14/2, p. 11. sale building, built in 1962, the total area - 138.3 square meters. m, 1 floor + basement. Condition - is satisfactory. Requires redecoration. There is a plot of land 88 square meters. m - in the long-term lease for 25 years.
not verified

Buy 7277Hope8-926-541-71-20, 8(4967)54-29-79Moscow region. SouthOffice/PCN
14 km from Moscow, Simferopol highway Scherbinka st. March 8. nonresidential premises for sale, 347 sqm, with land owned by 1,499 square meters, as well as: outbuilding - a building of 700 sq . with assignation of rights to land in the lease - 31 weaving. Communication - water, electricity, gas can be connected. Can be used as an office, warehouse, manufacturing. Price 20,000,000 rubles. possible bargain.
not verified

Rent 7276Alex964 767 48 41Moscow. SVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Bratislavskaya, Marino
str. Pererva, 11 p.23, 25. Rentals from the owner. premises are admin. warehouse complex, 1690 sq.m., warehouse and office space of 15 square meters, enclosed and protected territory. The base rental rate to $ 250 per sqm per year. Premises are ready to entry.
not verified

Rent 7275Alex964 767 48 41Moscow. SVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: VDNH
str. Kasatkin, house 11.Arenda from the owner. Apartment rent, 14800 sq.m, Business - Center, 7 floors, parkovka for 1000 cars, the area of 45 square meters, telephony, Internet. Basic lease rate to $ 300 per year kv.m.v
not verified

Hire 7273Nina8-906-757-92-30Moscow. AnyOffice/PCN
You can rent the premises from 30 to 50 Shop for sqm of beer on tap.
not verified

Hire 7272Alex500-65-83Moscow. AnySpets.nazn.
Company House Chandelier for the development of the Moscow network branded salons fixtures take off in the long-term lease torgovo-exhibition area from 30 to 70 square meters. with warehouse.
not verified

Rent 7267Nikolai Fedorovich8-917-508-51-54Moscow region. NorthOffice/PCN
pos.Veshki, 1,5 km from Moscow, Altufievskoe highway. Rent office, 125 square meters and costs 56,000 rubles. in months.
not verified

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