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This section offers a search database of commercial real estate. With search you can find a tenant or landlord, seller or buyer. All checked and original. Enable search ads

Rent 7579Gulshan+7-926-7361727Moscow. CAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Pushkinskaya
Moscow, Shopping Center premium "Gallery Actor ". Rental of commercial premises is under a boutique for men, women and children's clothing. Proposal without the committee. Rental rate is 31 000 rubles ($ 1000) sq.m. per year.

Rent 7570Natali+7-916-334-23-20, +7-926-619-28-59Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Cvetnoi bulvar
1 Kolobovsky lane. Rent NEO separately-standing building, 476 sq.m., 2 floors + basement, renovated, fenced area, parking for 5 cars, internet, video surveillance. Direct hire. PRICE $ 650 apartment. m. per year, bargaining.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Hire 7566Gulshan+7-926-7361727Moscow. CAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya
Moscow Central Administrative District, Novy Arbat. Rental of retail space, 8,241 sq.m., shall be separate units from 90 sq.m., a separate entrance from the facade, the glazing on the facade, windows, parking for 100 cars. For each unit provides utility rooms, elevators, unloading from the basement. The cost of rent from 450 to 3200 dollars sq. m. per year
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7480Denis+7-499-6100982Moscow. YuAOWarehouse/pr-in
Subway: Kashirskaya
Moscow, Ul. Kotlyakovskoe 7 / 8. Rental of office space: 12.4 sq.m. + 17.1 sq.m. + 63.1 sq.m. + 67kv.m. + 88.6 sqm, Warehouse: 57.6 sq.m., 171.3 sq.m., 315 sq.m., 268 sq.m., 339.8 sq.m., 552 sq.m.. m., a good approach. Internet, hour security, access control, video surveillance, parking. ($ 230 - 300 sq. m per year)
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7555Larisa+7(929)632-5971Moscow. YuVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Marino
Moscow, South East administrative district, st. Lublin d.112, 1 minute walk from the subway. Rent the room, and was formerly a beauty salon, 87 sqm, 1 st floor of an apartment house, 1 st line of houses, cabinet layout, 4 cabinets, renovated, separate entrance. Price: 41 $ sq.m. month Larisa3000@yandex.ru
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7551Vitaliy+7-903 688 5033Moscow region. EastOffice/PCN
Moscow region, 90 km. from Moscow, Gorky highway, Orekhovo - Zuevo. Sold the building in the city center, 1,100 square meters, 2 floor of 3 storey building heating gas, the boiler of 100 kW, water, sewerage, telephone 10 lines, electric power 50 kW. Property. Price 600,000 USD

Buy 7545Constantine+7-916-642-70-61Moscow. VAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Izmailovskaya, Pervomaiskaya
Moscow Eastern Administrative District, street Izmailovsky Boulevard, 1 / 28. Sales of dental clinics, 140 sq.m., outdoor advertising, new equipment, everything is there. Price 459 000 $

Buy 7544Serg+7-926-220-21-10Moscow region. EastSpets.nazn.
64 km from Moscow, Gorky highway Elektrogorsk Str. Budyonny 5. Sale of business, current production of furniture. 2 fl. building, 2,225 sqm, of which 1,330 sq.m. production area, 895 sq.m. under trade. On the territory of a playground and shelters under the trade with building materials and car wash at 1 post. All equipment, buildings and structures, land, communications and transport are in the property. Also there are 2 furniture shop in Orekhovo-Zuevo and Moscow. Production and sales outlets staffed by qualified and trained personnel. Price: 2,560,000 euros.

Rent 7540Agency+7-967-038-75-20Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Oktyabrskaya, Polyanka
Moscow Central Administrative District, Metro Polyanka, street Bolshaya Yakimanka. Office rent in a mansion, an area of 100, 175, 300 square meters. m., repair, security, video surveillance. Price 16 000 rubles sq.m per year.

Rent 7539Rental office+7-495-739-95-01Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Kurskaya
Moscow Central Administrative District, metro Kurskaya, street Mruzovsky lane. d.1. Rental of office premises, from 20 to 60 sq ft, first floor, security, telephony, Internet access, good repair. Price 330 $ per sq m per year.

Buy 7538Fedor+7-903-963-37-05Moscow. SAOWarehouse/pr-in
Subway: Vodnyi stadion
Moscow metro Vodnyya stadiont, Golovinskoye highway. Sell the building, 320 sqm, the property, 1300 square meters. pm in the lease until 2034, the area is fenced, all utilities, ceiling 5 meters Internet. Price 830 000 $

Rent 7537Warehouse in Reutov+7-905-705-01-98Moscow region. EastWarehouse/pr-in
1 km from Moscow, Reutov, st. Factory, 7 rental storage space, 3, 110.4 sq.m., the ceiling is 6 m, + 3736.9 sq.m. ceiling 3.65 m. There are offices from 24-1000 square meters. m warehouse is equipped with a ramp for receiving eurotrucks, 7 lifts with capacity of 5 tons, the concrete floor with anti-dust coating, protection.

Rent 7535Serg+7-196-7786764 Moscow. ZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Molodejnaya
Moscow, Western Administrative District, Metro Molodezhnaya. Rental space for offices, 11,12,21,22 meters, parking, internet, price 18 000 rubles. sq.m. per year. Price 570 $. sq.m. per year.

Rent 7509Vlad+7-903-536-88-55Moscow. YuAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Kolomenskaya
Moscow. 5 minutes walk from the subway Kolomenskaja. . Owner. Rental of offices, 4,200 sqm, Business Center Class B +, the entrance from the street and from the center. View of the Moscow River. Price 14 000 rubles sq.m. per year.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7524Owner+7-910-412-47-81Moscow. YuZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Kalujskaya
Moscow. St. Novatorov 34, korp.4. Rent a basement, 100 sq.m., a separate entrance, 4 rooms, telephone, Internet, alarm system. Owner. Under the modest office, office-warehouse, quiet activity shop, shop. Price - 50000 rub. per month

Rent 6565Andrey8-916-195-41-20Moscow. ZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Kutuzovskaya, Studencheskaya
Moscow, Kutuzovskiy prospekt. For rent Office, 280 sqm, 1 line, good condition, high ground floor, separate entrance from the street, internet, 220/380V, parking can often be used as a warehouse, manufacturing. Price 4900 rubles sq.m. per year (bargain). Owner. Agencies pay a commission. Call from 10 to 20 h

Rent 7364Maria8-929-583-07-55 Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Baumanskaya
str. Baumanskaja 68/8, p. 1. Urgently rent office, 125 sq ft, 2 floor, dep. input, 1 line of houses. Good repair. Price 15 000 rub. sq.m per year (communal + VAT included).

Buy 7517Elvira8-926-397-31-80Moscow. YuVAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Lyublino
st. Krasnodarskaya. Moscow. Sale room, 245 sq.m., 1 line of houses, 1 st floor, separate entrance, shop floor - 182 sq.m., 4 room, lounge. Good repair. Shopwindow, ceiling 4.10 m. All of communication. Electricity is 18 kW. Year Built 1979. Telephony, Internet access. Land leased for 25 years. Sale of jur. person. Selling price of 30 million rubles. ($ 1 000 000)
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7516Elvira8-926-397-31-80Moscow. VAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Semenovskaya
st. Lechebnaya, 3. Moscow. Sale of space, 330 sqm, basement, in a 4-storey brick house, separate entrance, needs repair, all communications are in good condition. The owner of an individual. Sale price: 60 000 rub. per sq. m.($2000)
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7515Elvira8-926-3973180Moscow. VAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Pervomaiskaya, Schelkovskaya
Moscow, ul.16 Parkovaya, 27. Sale of space, 118 sq, m., 1 floor of 9 floor. home, separate entrance, office layout, toilets, renovated. All communications are in excellent condition. The owner of a legal entity. Sale price: 100 000 ($ 3300) rubles. per 1 sq.m.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

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