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This section offers a search database of commercial real estate. With search you can find a tenant or landlord, seller or buyer. All checked and original. Enable search ads

Rent 7468Vera+7-495-643-61-94Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Prospekt Mira, Rijskaya
Moscow, st. Trifonovskaya, 47. Leased office block, the area of 472 square meters, office building, third floor, cabinet layout, toilets, reception area, suspended ceilings, carpeting. Ceiling height of 3 m. hour security, parking. The building has a cafe. Price 10 500 rubles ( $ 350) sq.m. per year.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7465Olga+7-916-8126499 Moscow. SVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: VDNH
Moscow. Yaroslavskoe Highway 1. Rental of office space, 116 sq.m., 2 nd floor, business center, free parking, a dining room. To make repairs. Price for the 8000 sq. m. rubles per year.

Rent 7456Irina+7-916-1268467Moscow. YuVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Volgogradskii pr-t
Moscow, Avtomobilnyy proezd, 1. Rental of office blocks, 78 and 260 square meters, office building, telephone, internet, security, parking. Rent direct from the owner. Price 10 000 rubles square. m. per year with all payments.

Rent 7421Alexander745-08-48 Moscow. ZAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Fili
st. Novozavodskaya b.2. Renting Shop 140 sqm 1 floor, 1 line, 1 minute walk from the subway, shopping hall - 90 sq.m., large showcase windows, 6 pm ceiling. Two separate entrances. Price 200 000 rubles ( 6 600 $) a month.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7461Olga+7-916-8126499Moscow. SZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Shodnenskaya
Moscow, st. Svobody, 42. Rental space for offices, shop 400 sqm, 1 line, building the shopping center, a separate entrance, available outdoor advertising, parking. Price 7000 rubles ( $ 230) sq.m. per year.

Rent 7459Gulshan+7-926-7361727Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Barrikadnaya, Belorusskaya, Krasnopresnenskaya
Moscow, st. Zoologicheskayaa. Office rent, 99.8 sq.m., kitchen, 1 floor, new building, separate entrance, renovated, 5 lines of local telephone network. Price: 200 000 ($6550) rubles per month

Buy 7455Julia+7-495-955-91-11Moscow. SZAOWarehouse/pr-in
Subway: Begovaya, Polejaevskaya
ul.1 th Magistralnaya. Sale of Property Complex in Moscow, the area of 3600 sq.m., 3000 sq.m. land plot. General renovation of all building services. Dedicated power 130 kW. Price 55 000 rub. square. m. Total cost: 198 million rubles ($ 6 500 000)

Rent 7454Nadya+7 - 495-223-06-15 (. 122) Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Oktyabrskaya, Park Kultury
Moscow. st. Krymskiy val. Room rental, the total area of 137 sq.m., 3 rd floor of 3 storey building, 2 units of 33.2 and 35.7 sqm, 2 rooms for 17.2 and 17.3 square meters. pm, Meeting - 16,8 m, reception - 10,2 sq.m, air conditioning, telephone, internet, big playground for parking for cars near the building. Price 9500 rubles (310 $) sq.m. per year

Rent 4181Sergey, Natalia8-926-619-28-59, 8-916-334-23-20Moscow. SVAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Alekseevskaya
st. 3rd Mytischinskaya. Office rent, from 50 to 600 sqm, 10-storey office building, direct hire, parking, security, telephony, internet cafe. Price from 7000 USD per sq.m. per year
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7452Alex8-910-492-72-95 Moscow. CAOSpets.nazn.
Subway: Sportivnaya
Moscow, Bolshaya Pirogovskay. For sale - the current restaurant, the area of 634 sq. m., 1 floor house, summer terrace, large windows, Ceiling height up to 5 meters, a separate entrance, next to modern apartment complexes, office buildings, banks. Modern engineering and kitchen equipment. Sales of 19 million rubles ($ 630,000). Discounts are available
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7451Valentina(495)625 00 50Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Kuzneckii Most
Moscow, ul Rozhdestvenka 5 / 7, 1 min. walk from the subway. Rented 2 rooms, 13.5 sqm. meters and 21.7 square meters. m. Price 20 000 ($ 655) rubles sq.m per yea

Buy 7308Vladimir+7-965-369-39-49Moscow region. South-EastWarehouse/pr-in
pos. Nekrasovka, 7 km. from Moscow. Sale. Manufacturing and warehouse, 1763 square meters. m + 1,140 square meters. m.. Plot 3400 sq.m. . The new building, built in 2007. Electricity - 150 kVA. Fenced. There is a parking space. 70 million rubles (2 300 000 $)
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Rent 7450Rent in the center of Moscow+7(495) 643 6194.Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Oktyabrskaya, Polyanka
Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanka 32. For rent store, 62 sq.m., floor 1, 1 line of homes, private entrance, large windows, ceiling height of 2,8 m.. Price: 210 000 rubles a month. The room is ready for operation.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7449Alexander+7-901-515-50-04Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Sportivnaya, Frunzenskaya
moscow, street Usacheva 22. Sale of the building, 743 sq.m., the freedom to choose. Price of 150 million rubles ( 5 000 000 $)

Rent 4777Sergey518-40-21Moscow. CAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Lubyanka
Moscow. street Myasnitskaya 7 / 11. Rental office, two-story building, 2 floor, 135 sqm, good repair, air conditioning, security, parking, internet. Price 16 500 rubles ($ 550) kv.m.god

Rent 7448Vera933-20-23Moscow. YuZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Akademicheskaya, Leninskii prospekt, Universitet
Moscow. Leninsky Prospekt 57. Rental space, 151 sq.m., 1 st floor, separate entrance, 1-line, large windows, ceiling height of 3.1 m. Direct lease. Price 650 000 rubles a month.
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7447Alexander+7-926-214-15-89Moscow region. SouthOffice/PCN
15 km from Moscow, Simferopol highway, Podolsk district, village Erino. Sold as a modern warehouse complex class "A". Commissioned in August 2006, total area of 9,644 sq ft, office area of 1,640 sq.m. Ceiling height of 10 m concrete floor with anti-dust coating. Two loading ramp for 13 cars. The area of land 18,000 square meters. The territory is fenced and guarded. Two entrances with sliding gates. There is a point of maintenance of vehicles and warehouse equipment. Autonomous boiler. Sprinkler system, electricity, water, internet, telephone, parking for cars and trucks. Sale price of $ 25 000 000
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7043Sergey, Natalia+7-926-619-28-59, +7-916-334-23-20Moscow. YuZAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Akademicheskaya
st. Novocheriomushkinskaya. Selling site free appointment, 320 sq.m., 1 floor living. home, good repair, grates on the windows, 3 separate entrances, ceiling 3,2 m, large rooms, 3 bathrooms, air conditioning, power of 70 kW. Ownership. Price 56,000,000 rubles.( 1 800 000 $)
Photos of this announcement can be found in section Photos estate

Buy 7445Dmitry969-32-89Moscow region. NorthOffice/PCN
Moscow region, 3 km from Moscow. Dolgoprudny, operating a grocery store, 1 floor, 210 sqm, land 800 sqm All urban communications. Owner. 350 000 USD.

Rent 7443Olga+7-905-556-73-50Moscow. VAOOffice/PCN
Subway: Preobrajenskaya pl.
Moscow, ul. Preobrazhenskaya, 6, 8 minute walk. Office rent, 50 sq.m, 1 floor, separate entrance and concierge. Made a complete renovation. Putting a bright, warm. With air conditioning, refrigerator, telephone. Furniture - two leather sofas. Price 50 000 rubles ($ 1800) per month.

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