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Podolsk, Art. Sylikatna. For sale, 80 sq.m in a field of 7.2 hundred. all central communications in the house, 3 bedrooms, insulated, with/y in the house, a terrace with a basement, garage, good infrastructure, all within walking distance, the net sales, in the property since 2007. Price 5 RR.   Sell the house Podolsk

89265471685 Anna

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Podolsk district, village Kutin. For sale house 2 - Floor., 6x9 m, 140 m, 7 com., turnkey Round logs, all communications in the home, gas, electricity, water - well 44 meters, septic, windows, wood package, fireplace, summer kitchen, on site landscape design, bath - 32.10 sq meters. with room to relax and self-contained s/u, garden furniture. Electro-gate. Picturesque location, easy check-in Kaluga and Warsaw highway. next to a forest, river. Documents are ready for sale. Price: 6 200 000 rub   house in the Podolsk district, village Kutin

89265471685 Anna

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One-storey house 228 sq. M in 2008 built a 15 hectare plot in the village Selivaniha. 25 km from Moscow on Volokolamskoe sh. Built-in garage for 2 people, 5 rooms, there are communication-main electricity and gas. well, septic tank maintenance-free, heat AGW, asphalt-round entrance. The house is surrounded by forest with mushroom, near a pond with a net fishing and the opportunity to swim. is property, a full set of documents for permanent residence   Istra rn
89162914837 Alexander

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Buy land, a dacha construction, with communications (gas, electricity ) Ramensky area (from 30 250 rub. per hundred square meters) Uchastki located 53 kilometers from Moscow on Novoryazanskoye highway. pp. Ulyanin Lots of 8 hectare, are surrounded by picturesque forest, near a lake. Convenient transport accessibility. You can get as on personal and public transport buses from the city of Moscow and from the city of Bronnitsy.   s.Ulyanino
8 926 830-72-20 Stanislav

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Kiev highway 24 km from Moscow. The three-level brick cottage area of 397 square meters in area 15 hundred parts. All central communications. panoramic windows. The village in a single architectural style of "Net Keys." developed infrastructure: shopping and sports complex, tennis courts, playgrounds and day care, park. 5 * hotel near the Park Imperial, a complex for leisure and recreation "Elizarovo. Price: U.S. $ 750.000   Kiev highway

8-903-614-97-58 Michael

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Cottage at 9 km from Sergiev Posad. 55 km from Moscow is Yaroslavl Highway. Gardening Association Birch. Entrance year-round - asphalt. At two kilometers downhill skiing. 12 hectare plot, flat, rectangular. Located on the border of forests and fields. Electricity, possibly drilling (water close). brick house on the capital base of 7 to 5 + terrace 11 meters. The first floor is decorated with clapboard, and the second - requires finishing. At the station garden with fruit trees. Many neighbors live year-round. Everything in the property. Price 3000000 rubles. Consider all the options exchange.   Sergiev Posad
89035230993 Paul

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Land for Sale 10 sotok 9 km from Sergiev Posad, SNT Rostock, near the forest and water, walk to the station 20 minutes, a rectangular plot. Price 400 000 rub.   section 10 hectare
89035230993 Zaripov Paul

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Sale. Minsk highway, Dorokhovo, 70 km from Moscow. CoML. Cottage at the finish. Hawse . block. Garage. 25 hectare plot. floor area of 250 square meters. On the shore of the reservoir. The central water system. "Electricity is a. block foundation. can be exchanged for an apartment in Moscow or Moscow   Dorokhovo

89035230993 Paul

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Sale house 180 m2. In a residential village, Dmitrovskoe w. 50-th km. The house was built on frame technology. IZHS (registration). In the house: light, water, septic. Finishing - divorced communication pasted wallpaper and ceiling tiles. Gas near the site. Section 8 com., level, fenced a fence made of metal sheets. 3 km. Dmitrov with developed infrastructure. Torg.   w Dmitrovskoe.

8-926-189-86-41 Alex

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Offer to sell the land, 21 weaving, cottage village "Dubrava near the lake", Chekhov district, 60 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway. 5km from g.Chehov. Near d.Kulakovo. Flat terrain, few pines and birches on the edge of the plot, mixed forest on the border area, multi-oaks . In the 2-minute walk from the station is located on picturesque Lake. All communications are summed up to the site: electricity (10 kW), gas, water, sewerage. Connected to mains g.Chehova. The settlement will be, and partly already have paved roads, children is and sports facilities, equipped with a recreation area with landscaping and a fountain, parking, pharmacy, mini market, a gearshift and underground garages. One of the best parts of town. The property is framed. Agricultural land. Razreshennoe use: for gardening construction. Cost - 5mln.rub.   Moscow region, Chekhov district

8-911-600-77-12 Vladimir

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15 km from Moscow, Gorky highway g.Kupavna. Renting in by finishing 3 et.dom, Level 4 350 m, section 7 hectare in the protected village on the shores of two lakes, gorgeous sandy beach with clear water, fishing, stove, stir.mashina, fridge, TV and dr.meb., fireplace, furnace, c/y, sauna, dush.kabina in the basement Hozyain   15km from Moscow, g.Kupavna
8 903 618 88 22, 8 919 026 06 66 Evgeny

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plot of land 7.2 hectare in 100 km from Moscow to Dmitrov shosee in CHT "Star" near the village of mouth-Arrow, protected area, the site is located 500 meters from the river Dubna, near a forest. Land is clean and well maintained, a fence with a gate of Rybytsya. To reach the car about 100 km from the Dmitrov highway, or an electric train with Savelovsky station to the platform 119 km. Torg appropriate.   Taldom district, Dmitrovskoe
550 000
89067761956 Tatiana

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village Zhabkino, Leninsky Mr. House for sale, 208 square meters. m, 2 floors, land area-6 hectare, SNT "nectar" for final finishing. Perhaps year-round residence. The cost of 240 thousand U.S. dollars. finishing capabilities for the buyer.   village Zhabkino, Leninsky rn
8-985-727-88-71 Michael

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