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Let out a long term open space 4500 square meters. Cold warehouse of 200sq.m. The territory is fenced, guarded, coating asphalt and reinforced concrete slabs, electric power, a great staircase, dock for repair of heavy vehicles, 17 km. from Moscow in Dedovsk MO. Perhaps further construction of storage facilities at the request of the tenant. Rentals direct from the owner. Cost 250t.r.v month. Kontakty: (916) 672 38 68 Alexander, (916) 184 July 1935 Sergei   Dedovsk
250 TR a month
8-916-672-38-69 Alexander

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st. Makarenko. Rent office 72sq.m. Pech 5m from the subway, security, renovation, 5 Tel., internet, air conditioner - split in each room Direct rent from Autologous 450 cu m per year at the office all payments on account through the bank.   Prudy
15 000
89167262606 IgorLeonidovich

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Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya. Urgently dealt offices, 421 sq.m., in the admin. building Class B, 1 line of houses, all 4 th Floor, dep. login (possible breakdown in 2 separate blocks with dep. entrances, office rooms layout, there are 5 floor space - 150 square block. pm, MGTS, internet, renovation, direct hire. Rent 17 500 rubles. sqm per year (all incl., bargaining)   m. Colorful Boulevard, st. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya
89163342320/89266192859 Natalia

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st. 3rd Mytischinskaya. Office rent, from 50 to 600 sqm, 10-storey office building, direct hire, parking, security, telephony, internet cafe. Price from 7000 USD per sq.m. per year   metro Alekseevskaya, Kulakov per. D.9A
89163342320/89266192859 Natalia/Sergei

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st. Prospekt Mira village 167?. Sale detached shop, 163 sq.m., 1 line of homes, Land 0.061 Hectares. Room 750 000 cu   m VDNH

8-926-711-79-79 Sales store VDNH m

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st. Yauzskaya. Rent office block, 67,5 sqm high base dep. login, admin. building, excellent renovation, everything is there, the cost of 100,500 rubles. in a month   Metro: Taganskaja

8-926-619-28-59 Sergey

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sale shop mixed trade (working with business objects real estate). Total area - 48,3 sq.m. sales area - 32,6 m, auxiliary - 2,8 m, warehouse + auxiliary assistant. - 12,9 sq.m. Plot 385 sq ft .   Odintsovo district, Rozhdestvenno

+7-910-488-8841 Alexander

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st. Krzhizhanovskogo d.24/35, Bldg. 4. Rent an office block, 300 sqm. m, 3 / 6 floor office building, good repair, air conditioning, security, parking, telephone, internet. Price: 330 thousand rubles. per month, including VAT and all utility payments   Profsojuznaya

8-910-490-99-77, 8 916 664 03 60 Stanislav, Vladimir

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crossing the street Sheremetyevo. proezdomyu with a garden. Rent a cold storage facility, ranging from 500 to 4000 sq ft, protected territory, security, capital building, eurotrucks enter the storehouse, davit 5 tons, lift 500 kg. The Territory has a railway siding, asphalt parking lot for cars. Price from 2700 USD. sq.m per year.   M. Marina Grove

8-916-474-50-71, 8-903-710-65-81 Dmitry, Igor

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10 minutes walk from the subway. Urgently surrenders office, 15 sqm, 2-3 jobs, ground floor, there is a full-sized windows, security, cleaning, MGTS, unlimited Internet access. Direct long-term lease. Office for rent with furniture.   Falcon
20000 USD/month
8-909-658-51-59 Anna

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75 km. from Moscow, Cash-in., 7 km. g.Kirzhach. Cdam lease or selling, 2 floor. brick factory building (svob. appointment), 1145 m, sweat. 4m, plot - 1,11 ha. Perhaps with equipment - carpentry (machines: lathes, copying, Universal (circular saw, jointer, gauge, and mill dolbezhnik) and metal shop (machines: 4-lathes, 2 milling machines, 2-drilling, 2 emery, fur- Saw prodolnopilochny machine, miter machine), perhaps the production of furniture, fixtures and interior items made of wood, steel doors economy and elite class. Rent 65 rubles. sqm per month.   75 km. Cash-on. From Moscow Moscow or 7 km from g.Kirzhach
8 919 026 06 66 Eugene

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st. Chertanovskaya d. 30 korp.5. Rent retail space in TC "Chertanovskaya 30" from 21 to 490 sq.m., renting a basement 1994 sq ft, ideal for a gym in the building are: lift, ventilation, quality finish, a floor has a supermarket, a parking lot, direct hire   m Prazhskakya

8-967-158-89-02 rental Chertanovskaya 30

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1 st Spasonalivkosky lane. Building 17 Building 2. Premises rent, 140 sq. meters - can be divided into two units of 70 square meters., 1 st floor of the renovated house - the entire first floor non-residential, dep. entrance, 7 offices, reception, san. "unit, kitchen, two glazed balconies, are not included in the rentable area - a bonus, double glazing, excellent condition, videophone, air conditioning, the windows of the lattice, 4 MGTS, the Internet. Rent 20,000 rubles meters per year. Direct long-term lease.   m. Oktyabrskaya Polyanka

506-34-90 Peter

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pos.Tomilino MO Rent ofisnoe room in the office and warehouse complex, 19,6 sq.m., built - 2007. Working condition, all communications, telephone, internet, parking, well, protected territory. Predostavlenie registered address. Tseny-negotiable. Agency fee - up to 50%.   pos.Tomilino MO
221-66-21, +7(903)618-77-02 Valery

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2 km. from Moscow, Krasnogorsk. Rent to rent warehouse and office, 1,547 sqm, in 2 levels, the third gate for trucks, 2 ramps, 1 st floor 961kv.m., mezzanine 356kv.m. and 230kv.m., office 120sq.m. floors, an open fenced area near the warehouse. Working condition, telephone, internet, parking, protected territory. All prices are negotiable, ruble, low, bargain. is Agency - up to 50% (owner )   Krasnogorsk

221-66-21, +7(903)618-77-02 Valery

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