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m.Prosp.Mira. Sale commercial premises ready to lease business (if necessary be released on demand) 5 hours walk from the subway, 80 sqm, 1-line houses. Eurorepair, windows, aisles plan, split-system, 2 MGTS, internet, fire alarm systems. High automobile and pedestrian traffic. Price: 25 000 000 rub. owner.   (CAO) m.Prosp.Mira
8(985)3699909 Yaragi

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st. Architect Vlasov. Lettings office block, 132 sq ft sq. You can share, JPS, 2/y, parking, security, video surveillance, automatic gates. Direct lease for long term. Price 9 000 USD. per sqm per year. vrmss@mail.ru   Profsojuznaya
9000r sq m
7377503, 7927296 Vladimir

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st. Kutuzovsky. In the residential s home, the first floor with separate entrance, entrance end of the house. The total area of 135 sq.m. (room 100 sq.m., 2 rooms of 16 square meters). MGTS phones-2 rooms, Internet. Parking near the house, 5m/m. working condition. intruder alarm. Price: 270 000 rub. a month (24000 rub. sqm per year) lease agreement with the owner   Kutuzov Ave

766-45-53 Michael

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st. Shukhov, 6, 10 minutes walk from the subway. Rent a good building, all rooms with windows. The total area of 181.6 sq.m. (9 rooms). Can be divided into two blocks of 50 sq.m. and 130 sq.m. Ceiling height 2,60 m, telephony, Internet. Parking near the house. Security alarm. Price: 7000 rubles (233 $) sq.m. year.   Moscow, st. Shukhov, 6

+7 495 766 45 53 Michael

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st. Yunnativ d.18. Rent offices in the office center, from 40 sq.m to 600 sq.m. Standard Finish Laminate/carpet, wallpaper for painting, suspended ceilings. Round the clock security, parking. Infrastructure: cafe, ATMs, payment terminals. Rent: 12 000 rub. sq.m per year. Intermediaries - reward.   
8965-147-0067 Vladimir

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Bld., D. 12, Rent Office, 200 sq.m., BC Pollars, "Class B+", 2 floor, renovated, ready for occupancy, air conditioning, commercial telephony, internet, security, direct hire. Rent 13800 rub. sqm. m. per year   m Paveleckaja

8-929-560-12-34; 8-963-782-09-69 Vladimir

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Schelkovskoe highway Shchelkovo district, pos. Biokombinat, 2. Lettings production and storage facility, capital. Building - 1,468.1 square meters., additionally there are 3 cold and 1 tely stores - 548, 3 sq. m Sweat 3-4 m section of 3,928 square meters. Convenient access roads - from Schelkovskogo highway 0,6 km from Schelkovo 4 km. Price 500 000 rub. for the whole property per month. A reasonable bargain. Agent is paid a bonus.   Phys. Reg. Shchelkovo district, pos. Biokombinata, 2
8-909-999-62-57 Larisa

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st. Gvozdev, House 5. rent space FREE. purpose, 168,5 sq.m., 1/14 floor. Kirpa. home, 1-line houses, 2 Dep. sign, 5 MGTS, 18 kW, 6 rooms, with/y, fire alarm, internet, kitchen, air conditioning. Price $ 550 sq. m per year.   m.Taganskaya

8-906-728-78-09, 8-926-599-87-30 Rent Str. Gvozdeva

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Shchelkovo district, 50 km from Moscow. Rent Production storage space, 5,100 sq.m., JPS - Kirpa., heating, hot and cold water, sewage, 150 kW on the premises at 1700 sq.m., 2 door, sweat. 2,8- 4 m, hostel, security, parking, cafe. Minim. area for lease 850 sqm Price 96 USD (1 USD = 30 rubles). sqm per year. Direct lease. Fenced fence.   Shchelkovo district

+7 (967)182-71-36 Vladimir

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Warsaw highway, d.72 K.3. Rent lease PCN, 77, 3 m, 2 halls + c/y, a shop, bank, service, representation, etc., 1 line of homes, floor 1, dep. input, 4 windows, good condition, 2 MGTS, Internet, 5 kW, air conditioning, shutters on all windows, high pedestrian and automobile traffic. The cost of rent per month - 170 thousand rubles.   Warsaw highway

8-916-442-44-70 Vladimir

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Sale children is recreation complex "Silver", which belongs to the ownership MOSENERGO, located at: Moscow Region., Stupinsky borough, der. Voztsy, o/n "Silver". DOK "Silver" 1995. buildings, consists of 4 bedrooms and 1 case of service, the total area of 5012 square meters. In the territory are equipped with children is and sports grounds, track, footpath, building a warehouse and the water tower. Water supply is from artesian wells located within the compound. Communication - electricity, water, sewerage. Ploschad land MLC "Silver" is 5.75046 hectare plot on the right is decorated long-term lease for 49 years. Land lease contract of 08.08.1995, the appointment of land - as a recreation center, the site is surrounded by forest. Obekty MLC "Silver" are located on land with a total area of 9.8 hectares, in addition to the area are the sites of WGC -1 (boiler room, transformer substation, heating, pool, etc.) (0.12334 hectares in area) and camping facilities (on an area 3.9262 hectares), which are objects of federal property. DOK "Silver" is not operated since 2005. The buildings are low wear, for the introduction into operation requires investment, which is determined by the desired class recreational facility. Prava sold on sites registered properly, there are no encumbrances.   Moscow region., Stupinsky p borough, village. Voztsy, o/n "Silver".
46517620 rub.
+7 (495) 223-60-10, 797-55-50 Sergei, Olga

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Berezhkovskaya embankment, 28. Rent Office bank lease from the owner, office of - 1644.7 sq.m., 1402.6 sq.m. Bank, JPS, quality finish, modern engineering, workstations, video surveillance, fenced area with its own car park for 46 cars. Price $ 800 meters per year   m.Kievskaya
800 $ in god/m2
+7 (495) 926 55 65  Management Company

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lane. Mayakovsky, 11. From the station 5 min. Walk. Rent of office "A" class, 500 to 1000 meters, the premises ready for occupancy, parking, security. The cost of rent - $ 750 per sqm per year.   CAO m.Taganskaya
+79262226183 Roman

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g.Bronnitsy, 40 km. From Moscow, Novoryazanskoye highway. Sale of production, 2250 sq ft, existing food production and restaurant, the first line of the highway, working condition, gas heating, sewage treatment plants, wells, 250 kW, 3 lines MGTS Internet. Price 75 mln. Torg appropriate. from the owner.   

+7(985)9202715 Sale of production

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ul.Znamenskaya, 41. Lettings JPS, 1700 sq.m., admin. building, two floors + basement, you want to cap. repairs and sweat. 3 m, central communications, direct-hire. Price 7100 USD m per year including VAT.   Preobrazhenskaya pl-qk

926-55-65, 8-916-308-07-60 Michael

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