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Consent spouse
to buy / sell flats

To provide post requirements
From gr. Ivan Ivanov of Russia,
00.00.0000 date of birth, sex: male
lived.: Moscow, __________________________< BR> Passport series 00 00 000000 issued 00.00.0000g.
ATS district "_________________" city ________< BR> subdivision code 000-000


I, gr. Ivan Ivanov, give my consent to his wife - gr. Ivanova, Irina Ivanovna, for sale / purchase of an apartment located at: Moscow, _______ __________________________________

Content of article 35 of the RF IC notary me explain.


City of Moscow.

__________________________________ Year.

This consent is certified by me, Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich, a notary of the city of Moscow.

Statement signed gr. Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich in my presence. His personality is set, viability tested. Marital relations are checked.

Recorded in the register 0-0000.

Recovered by tariff: 000 RUR. 00 kop.

Certified by the notary office in the premises at :___________________.

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