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Moscow Region, Dzerzhinsky

Secure storage of manufactured goods, it is possible sublease of the Moscow region town of Dzerzhinsk.

Warehouse complex, class "B", located 3 km from Moscow Ring Road in the south-easterly direction, Dzerzhinsky. Total warehouse capacity is 4400 sq.m. Height of storage - 8 meters. Free capacity of 100 - 1500 pallets. Warehouse is equipped with modern storage equipment. There are lease offices from 50-150 sq.m.

Secure storage of 18000 rubles/pallets/day.
Sublease: warehouse 6750 rubles per year, office - 12000 rubles per year.

Warehouse address: MO Dzerzhinsky Str. Garden, 22.
Map: Material: 2-storey building is blue. Office: 5-storey blue building, second staircase, 3rd floor Going on the outside of the MKAD Kashyrsk highway after the bridge over the river. Moscow, turn right following the sign to Dzerzhinsk. (1) streetlight. Turn right under the arrow on ul.Akademika Zhukov. (2) Turn right on Sadovaya under the symbol "grantik" (3) T-shaped intersection. Turn left under the symbol "grantik" Distances from the ring road to the warehouse 3500m. The distance between control points: Moscow - (1) - 1250 m. (1) - (2) - 400 m. (2) - (3) - 450 m. (3) - Stock - 1400 m (Left and right of the road parking new cars).

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