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Apartment exchange with
best for you surcharge

Apartment exchange - this process is one of the most complex operations in the real estate market. We recommend that mandate the conduct of professionals. If you still want to do it yourself, here are some useful recommendations.

Note.Under the exchange of apartments here will be considered any of the transactions, involving your property, be it a simple exchange, settlement or Congress. All of them are close in fact, the only difference in the number of real estate involved.

Fastest and most effective to date apartment exchange is possible through the sale of so-called "alternative transaction". Suffice it to say that 95% of all transactions on the exchange of housing in Moscow and Moscow region is carried out under this scheme. Why is that?

In the Soviet times, "the main and the only way to exchange the apartment was a" direct exchange "apartments (one apartment is changed directly to another). It exists today. However, its use is fraught with difficulties associated with the implementation of a number of conditions:
Found apartment should hold you;
Other side is ready to enter your apartment;
If the exchange is unequal, it is necessary to resolve the financial side of the issue - the amount of surcharge.
By the time the search for an option can take anywhere from six months to several years. If it is Congress or the patrol here the problem can not be solved practically.

Main advantage of an alternative transaction: you access to any apartment offered on the market. The only restriction - the value that the buyer is willing to pay for your property.

Milestones as apartment exchange

1. Find a buyer for the apartment. This process can take time from several days to several months. It all depends on the condition of the property market, the liquidity of the apartment, the correct choice of pricing policy, quality of the advertising company.

2. The buyer is found. What's next? At this stage the buyer to confirm their seriousness, prepayment, is made up-front agreement on the purchase agreement (the deposit). More information about these documents, see "Advance, advance. Advances shall be made for a certain period. The longer it is, the more you have the time for the selection of an alternative. Typically, this period is 1.5 - 2 months.
Agreement signed. At this point you actually have the money to purchase an alternative apartment.

3. Alternative flats task at first glance, is simple. But the search - this is just tip of the iceberg. The apartment is on the parameters you're comfortable with, but this is not enough. Refine sure the following points:
Status. The apartment is privatized or not privatized. If the apartment is not privatized, the exchange can be done, but you get a warrant. The right to privatize real estate is given once in a lifetime, and if you have already used them, decorate the property of the apartment you can not.
Documents of ownership of the apartment. Inheritance, a contract of sale, privatization, donation. Most transparent papers - privatization. The apartment has not yet participated in the purchase and sale transactions, although there are some nuances. All other documents required for legal review.
Available if the apartment is legal (no registration), and physically. If not - please specify when will be release. In the case where the owners just sold an apartment, it is best if they are discharged to the sales transaction. If they like me and you flat, then they will be discharged to an alternative apartment after the sales transaction.
Is there a property or registered minor children. Many refuse these options, fearing that the children later may challenge the right of the apartment. Yes this is possible if children's rights will be infringed. Permission to conduct the sales transaction of real estate, in which children are the owners or register gives the board of trustees. If this permission, then there is nothing to fear.
Obtaining permission to the Guardian Council will take a period of 2 weeks to a month. Time for selection of alternatives and reach a deal you have is limited. Check whether you have time to date. If not, you should discuss with the buyer the possibility of extending the advance agreement.
And the last important point. Specify what the situation with the seller choose an alternative apartment.
Best option, if the apartment just sold, so-called "free sale". Secret personal needs money. If so, after the advance payment for an apartment, all the parties begin preparations for the transaction.
If the seller, as you change your apartment, you will have to wait until he will select an alternative itself. And not the fact that this option will be free.
Can gain so that the apartment you have chosen, and riding on a few areas. It is better to avoid these options. Since it is likely that for some reason, usually financial, to get the right amount of space required will not work.
You can wait for 1.5 - 2 months, and eventually left with nothing. You return the advance payment, or offer a high price for an apartment. The buyer of your apartment, most likely, will not agree to wait until you will pick another option. You will be forced to return the down payment, lose the time and the buyer.
Therefore, before making a purchase decision, carefully analyze the situation of the seller, whether it is real.

4. You picked an alternative. The following is the procedure we have considered in Section 2. But now you appear as a buyer and make prepayments of the chosen apartment.

5. Preparing for the transaction of sale of real estate. At this stage you should prepare a package of documents required for the sale of your apartment. And most importantly - make sure the legal purity of the acquired property. If all goes well, you will find the final step: purchase and sale of real estate.

6. Transaction sale of real estate can be divided into two parts:
Mutual settlement between the parties to the transaction;
Signing of contracts of sale of real estate.

Typically, settlements between parties to a transaction conducted using subscribed deposit box.

Next you sign two contracts of sale of real estate. The first - selling your apartment, the second - the purchase of alternative real estate.

Treaty shall be subject to state registration, then you become the owner bought the apartment.

Now is the time to prepare for the housewarming!


Here is a general scheme for sharing an apartment. In fact, any purchase and sale is unique. Each transaction has its own quirks and peculiarities. In order to circumvent all the pitfalls and successfully bring begun to end, first and foremost, you need experience in conducting such operations. If it is not - you are strongly risk by sharing their own. We recommend you seek professional help. Eventually, you will save time, money and nerves.


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