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of communal apartments

We Make moving or exchange of apartment proceeding from wishes of each proprietor, but according to real possibilities. Thus commission agencies from 3 % from cost of settled apartment.

We Have possibility in case of your debts to pay utility bills.

We Show consideration for legal check of apartments given to you. Having a wide experience in the real estate market it is solved almost all probably uncoordinated questions between proprietors of exchanged apartment.


For today the most attractive objects in old fund basically have already passed to new owners. Building and reconstruction of elite buildings in the center of Moscow Besides, became more active. Therefore buyers prefer not to potter with moving of communal flats, and at once to buy elite ready habitation.

the Today's buyer well knows the account to money. It can be and the Customer with a definite purpose for the business. Apartments can be settled and for the purpose of commercial use - under shops and offices there are apartments on the ground floors. But the further from the historical center, the probability to involve such investor there is less. The choice of communal flats is more, rather than wishing to transform them for the means in qualitative habitation or space for business.

Therefore and the price for a communal flat it is necessary to establish accordingly correctly. Apartments of the identical area can differ twice at cost - and more expensive "will more likely be settled", if its characteristics (first of all a site, quality of the house, a lay-out, an environment) correspond to inquiries of the solvent buyer more. The indicators reflecting technical features of a structure are significant also: deterioration degree, a material of walls and overlappings, re-planning possibilities, "укомплектованность" conveniences and so forth

Sell the communal flat with benefit those who sensibly estimates a situation can only and has agreed to make common cause with neighbors.

According to the positions stipulated in the legislation, in the course of privatization each family receives a share of apartment proportional to a floor space occupied with it in the property. And irrespective of term of residing or quantity of members, from the general metric area of apartments including kitchen, corridors, subsidiary premises. Experts of Firm estimate real estate and define the moving budget, proceeding from competitiveness of apartment in the market. This sum is distributed proportionally to shares of each warrant in the general property.

all would Seem simply. Only to come to it frequently not so that it is simple. Certainly, at whom the living space is small, it is not necessary to count on separate apartment especially. It is necessary to pay extra or agree on a little more spacious, but again a room. To refuse exchange, to demand, that neighbors "have moved" in favor of bypassed in square meters? Hardly those will agree. But after all the exchange for the big living space can become only the first step to the further improvement. And at following moving chances of separate habitation will increase.

At communal flat moving who is very important to choose firm not by a principle "will give more", and will be adjusted for work with the professionals proving the point of view on the real price. After all among realtors there is also an unfair competition. Aspiring "to plant on the contract" the clients, some promise gold mountains, in advance knowing that such conditions are impracticable. When iridescent prospects aren't supported with true commercial value of apartment, there comes the disappointment period. Time goes, buyers aren't present. The main thing to refuse installation "I want", to forget "to me should" and realize, what exactly in the created situation "I can". And the main thing: having taken up certain obligations, you by all means should adhere to them for the sake of successful end of the transaction.



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