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Legal support of purchase
and sale (granting, exchange)
of an apartment (real estate object)

Experienced specialists from our company will guarantee to you the legal support, they will make the full legal check of a real estate object you are going to buy and will provide you with the full history on operations with this apartment (real estate object). We can say that legal support is our strongest point. We provide the following services on legal support of real estate business:

  • Analysis of the documents of title (and other documents) on Object;
  • Receipt of statement from the Uniform State Register of Rights to check prohibitions, seizures, encumbrances on Object;
  • Examination of documents on Apartment in a new building with respect to their compliance with the current legislation and possibility of acquisition of property rights (or any other rights in a new building) to an Apartment;
  • Assistance in preparation of required notarial documents (notarial power of attorney, consent of husband/wife to the Apartment purchase, notice on marital relations);
  • Assistance/participation in preparation of documents required for the deal;
  • Participation of our specialist in preliminary discussions with an Apartment seller and preparation of preliminary apartment sale and purchase agreement;
  • Participation on the Client's side in negotiations aimed at signing of preliminary (or other) agreement on advance payment for an Apartment with the third parties;
  • Making out purchase and sale agreement (gift, exchange, rent) or agreement on assignment of rights to an Object in a new building as well as finalizing texts of agreements with contracting party;
  • Assistance in reservation of safety deposit box on behalf of and at the expense of the Client; safety deposit box is reserved in a Bank chosen and agreed on by both parties in preliminary agreement or in any other way;
  • Participation of our specialist in all stages of the Apartment sale and purchase;
  • Assistance/participation in submission of the package of documents for state registration and receipt of the documents (ownership certificate, registered agreement) from the state registration body;
  • Participation in negotiations with the third parties (on the Client's side) aimed at signing the acceptance certificate by both parties (including preparation of relevant certificate);
  • Assistance in de-registration of persons who are registered in an Apartment;
  • Legal consultation of the Client on all issues concerning assignation of rights for an Apartment;
  • Provision of full information on an Apartment (apartment's history since the house was built);

We definitely ensure safety of all calculations; we provide notarial services and register ownership right.

We guarantee you 100% reliability.


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