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Buy an apartment on mortgage.

Buying an apartment on mortgage is quite a simple procedure; however you will have to solve a lot of serious issues. It is even more profitable to buy an apartment on mortgage for those people who rent apartment as monthly rental payments are almost equal to payments on mortgage. We help out clients to choose the most suitable mortgage bank for their needs as well as to choose the most suitable mortgage loan. Then we help them to buy an apartment on mortgage and settle in it. Also, quite often a client already owns his apartment but wishes to buy larger apartment on mortgage. In this case we perform all necessary actions on accumulation your apartment value into money equivalent (initial payment or partial payment). At the same time we are solving the issue of buying a larger apartment on mortgage.

There are a lot of mortgage programs in the market. There even exist such programs as purchase of annual rate (decrease in percentage). That is why in order to buy an apartment on mortgage with the maximum profit you should certainly be familiar with all possible bank mortgage programs. Difference in mortgage interest rates between banks can amount to 5%. And as we always keep the track of events the most profitable way for you will be to buy an apartment on mortgage with the help of our company.

In order to buy an apartment on mortgage you should be prepared to answer several primary questions of a creditor bank:

  • Amount of your income and the way you confirm it (interest rate depends on it)
  • Your family's income
  • Your age
  • Period of your work in your latest place of employment
  • Property you own
  • Period for which you would like to take a loan
  • Your credit history (it is good if your credit history is positive)

If you need to decide where to buy an apartment on mortgage and what it the best way to do it, you can search through our website in Mortgage, Banks, Loans section in order to approach this issue closer. You will find mortgage calculator in our website. It will help you to calculate your monthly payments on your loan. However, such calculations are not precise as no mortgage calculator can take into account all possible nuances. Buying an apartment on mortgage in a new building and buying an apartment on mortgage in the secondary market are two different things: interest rates and conditions are different. Although you can calculate different interest rates with the help of our mortgage calculator it is still required to perform more detailed study of each loaner's possibilities. We treat each our client carefully and practice individual approach. Of course, all consultations to our clients are provided free of charge. Consultations in 'question-answer' form can be found in our website in the section consultations of a lawyer or a realtor, consultations on mortgage issues. Also, you can contact us at tel. 238-63-77, 238-65-28. Our specialist can visit a client to provide more detailed consultations on mortgage loans.


Real Holiday Apartments, rooms - response
To buy an apartment you can take advantage of our new service - Holiday apartments, rooms, question - answer. On this basis apartments, rooms you can find your version by filling out the request form and send it to us. We'll take away from the service base options of apartments, rooms, suitable for you and send you.


Real Estate Appraisal
Here you can make an estimate of the cost apartments, rooms. This property valuation is not just a comparative similar sales in your rayone.Ukazav in the notes features (repair of the apartment, sostoyanoie door, etc.) on a flat or a room, our specialists will take into account these factors affecting the price of your property. That's why we do not make an assessment mode on-line, because this estimate is distorted.


Terms used in mortgage

Mortgage is the so-called lien of real estate in order to secure liabilities before creditor. Buying apartment on mortgage... Read more >>>

Social mortgage is improvement of housing conditions of socially unprotected people by means of mortgage credit lending and state financial support. Housing conditions... Read more >>>

Preliminary calculations on necessary initial payment, credit volume and credit length as well as amount of monthly payments on mortgage credit and minimal... Read more >>>

Mortgage co-borrower is a person whose income is considered by bank when calculating the amount of money... Read more >>>

Mortgage agreement - is an agreement on pledge of real property. According to mortgage agreement the parties are a pledge holder (creditor bank) and a pledger... Read more >>>

Annuity payments. Annuity is an equal monthly payment during all period of credit activities. Annuity payments are convenient for budget planning... Read more >>>

Graded payments imply monthly decrease of a sum given for repayment of mortgage loan. Graded payments are high... Read more >>>

Mortgage insurance. Insurance is an obligatory condition of mortgage issuance. According to the law a borrower should insure only a pledged item from damage or total... Read more >>>


Buy an apartment on the mortgage - the differences of the secondary market and new buildings:

1. Buy an apartment on the mortgage on the secondary housing market.

There are many loan programs the borrower. Differences will% rates and small changes to loan terms. Most banks see you as a potential borrower for the following: salary, initial payment, the amount of co-borrowers, work experience, education, social status, your existing real estate assets. After the positive decision of the bank, you can buy an apartment on the mortgage. At the same time ensure the repayment of the loan is purchased by your apartment.

2. Buy an apartment in a new mortgage.

This type of credit at the moment is available in two versions. In the first case, you can buy an apartment in a new mortgage only if the object - a house in the new building is accredited by the bank, where you take out a loan. The second case is trivial - you have successfully completed a loan with conditions of bail on your existing property.


Programs and types of credit.

Buy an apartment on a mortgage with deferred down payment At the moment, this program provides a small number of banks. But the pluses are obvious, especially ... Read more >>>

Credit for improving housing conditions The loan secured by the acquired and owning real estate to purchase apartments in the secondary or primary ... Read more >>>

Consumer Credit This type of lending is not a mortgage, but can serve as a good help if you do not have enough money to buy an apartment. In this type of credit ... Read more >>>

Loan suburban real estate Buy object suburban real estate loans are not particularly more difficult than to buy an apartment on the mortgage. The maximum loan amount can not ... Read more >>>

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