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Buy country real estate
(a cottage, a country house,
a land plot) in the Moscow region

We are effecting exclusive sales of real estate (cottages, land plots, country houses) in the Moscow region. In addition specialists of our company prepare presale documentation for the object. Assessment of country real estate is conducted with an obligatory visit of an agent. We provide free consultation and organizing of advertising campaign in mass-media, Internet about all issues of country real estate in the Moscow region as well as support of transactions of country real estate from the beginning till the end. We provide mortgage credit activities. Relatively long cooperation with a range of banks gives the ability to offer you the most economic type of credit activity.

Company lawyers will conduct a thorough check of all necessary documents thus you will always be sure that country real estate of the Moscow area you buy is totally "legally clean". Part of variants offered for sale you may see in section land, country houses, and cottages. To get necessary information you may call tel. 238-63-77, 238-65-28 or leave a request in section fill in an application form.


Country real estate in the Moscow region: to buy a house, a country house, a cottage

Every man wishes to be closer to nature, to fruitfully rest from urban rush, to feel like a real owner. It is enough to buy a country house, a house or a cottage to make this wish come true. It is better to choose a direction of future country real estate on the basis of place of living in Moscow. It is distributed by districts in the following way: Western Administrative district, Southwestern Administrative District - Rublyevo-Uspenskoye chaussee, Mozhayskoye chaussee, Novorizhskoye chaussee, Northwestern Administrative District, Northern Administrative District - Novorizhskoye chaussee, Pyatnitskoye chaussee, Leningradskoe chaussee, Dmitrovskoe chaussee, Ostashkovskoe chaussee, Northeastern Administrative District, Eastern Administrative District - Yaroslavskoye chaussee, Schelkovskoye chaussee, Gorkovskoye chaussee, Southeastern Administrative District, Southern Administrative District - Novoryazanskoye chaussee, Kashirskoye chaussee, Simferopolskoye chaussee, Southwestern Administrative District - Kievskoye chaussee. Moreover, to buy a house, a cottage or a country house one should know well that cost of country real estate in the Moscow region differs significantly depending on the direction. Rublyevo-Uspenskoye chaussee strongly holds 1 position in the list of the most expensive directions. Then prices for country real estate in the Moscow region are decreasing in the following way: Novorizhskoye chaussee, Mozhayskoye chaussee, Yaroslavskoye chaussee, Leningradskoe chaussee, Kievskoye chaussee, Ostashkovskoe chaussee, Dmitrovskoe chaussee, Gorkovskoye chaussee, Novoryazanskoye chaussee, Kashirskoye chaussee, Simferopolskoye chaussee. Also cost of country real estate in the Moscow region is influenced by both location and the following factors: availability of connected utilities - particularly gas, horticultural partnership or guarded cottage community, availability of permanent living, infrastructure, ecology, and presence of water body. Currently there are options to every liking and money in country real estate market in the Moscow region. The market is open for mortgage credits as well. Documentation is the more difficult thing. When buying a house or a country house it often takes half a year to document the option you like. To bring the documents into compliance with regulations for further bargain registration takes that long. Each district of the Moscow region is individual in its own way: both considering location and rules of documentation for real estate. That is why we propose to use our services so that purchase of a house, a country house, a cottage or any other country real estate in the Moscow region would not turn into a headache but into a pleasant process leading to a result of a true feeling of ownership.


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