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in Novakhovo cottage community

Novakhovo is a new modern type of a cottage community. It's a combination of tranquility of country life and developed infrastructure of a capital city. A four-level business centre is ready in Novakhovo cottage community. All what a man used to a comfort needs is located on the territory of approximately 9000 m2: a parking lot, a supermarket, a drugstore, a laundry. For fans of an active style of life there are two-level fitness centre with a pool, a room for aerobics, a workout room, Turkish baths and a sauna; and for those who love entertainment there are a restaurant with a place to dance, a bar and a bowling. Novakhovo cottage community provides a leisure & education centre for children.

Fans of active rest and healthy way of life won't have to spend a lot of time for a way to a sport club or a restaurant. Because Novakhovo cottage community has everything - elite sport clubs, therapeutic medical centers, beauty salons, shopping centers and restaurants with exquisite cuisine that are located not father than 10 km from your home.

Novakhovo cottage community is true coziness and high quality comfort.

Novakhovo cottage community is located in one of the most picturesque places of the Moscow region. Forests surrounding Novakhovo community and clear running ponds create favorable environment. These Novakhovo locations are a conservancy area in a way. The most famous manors of the Moscow region are located here: Arkhangelskoe, Ilyinskoe, Nikolskoe-Urupino, Petrovskoe.

Style of Novakhovo cottage community serves a harmonious continuation of the best traditions of Russian manor culture. Closeness of Zhukovka lets tenants of Novakhovo cottage community use rich infrastructure of this unofficial Rublevka centre to the full extent. Not far from Novakhovo cottage community there is a private lyceum-school "Kovcheg XI", and also a horse-sport complex "Novy Vek" for fans of riding. All essential factors were taken into consideration during construction of Novakhovo cottage community. Before construction specialists conducted geologic examination of soil, on which basis length and amount of piles for a foundation of each house are determined. New technology was used for fa?ade finishing that provides excellent heat-insulation along with durability of exterior finish. Technology of foam polystyrene treatment is certified in GosStroy and has 200 frost resistance cycles (for comparison, solid red brick has only 35 cycles).

All technical characteristics of the house are extremely high: solid foundation with piles, brick walls of 1.5 row thickness, reinforced-concrete solid ceilings, and exterior finish of base made of natural granite, triple-pane windows. All construction materials were supplied by? companies recommended at construction material market. And whatever happens you can be sure that your home is your castle indeed!

In Novakhovo cottage community all land plots were greened up and planted with large trees. There is a walk road and an approach road covered with colored asphalt leading to each house.

Our company offers an Atrium project for sale. You can find details here.

Atrium (from Latin "atrium" - entrance hall, vestibule) is a true ode to greatness and harmony created by art of architecture. Centre of the whole composition is a living room encircled by a gallery of the second floor. Wide staircase and snow-white columns give a true castle coloring; and large bright windows - sophisticated elegance. This combination makes the project especially unusual and attractive. Total house space is 665 m2.

Also our company leases a Portal cottage. You will find details here.

Cozy house called Portal (portal - decorated entrance to a building) reminds of classic manors of the early 19th century.

Composition theme of this house is an arch portal adding special pageantry to the house. Portal fixes consequently developing spaces: a porch - an entrance lobby - a hall - a living room - a terrace - a garden. Such construction adds an elegance and harmonic completeness to the whole composition. Total house space is 420 m2.

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