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Sell an apartment, a room in the presence of panic demand is easy. To do this just once to an ad, for example, in "Hand in hand. In such times buyers are lining up. And the whole procedure of the transaction of buying and selling apartments, rooms can dictate to you. At the moment, the real estate market is experiencing a deep crisis. Sales have fallen significantly. Demand appears to offer the real cost of apartments rooms at the moment. Apartments for sale and rooms, which are falling behind on the process of revaluation of real estate market, virtually doomed to failure. This is due to forecast lower cost of housing. To sell an apartment, a room is not so easy. Need to competently organize the advertising campaign. Cycling publications such as "Hand in Hand", "Property and Prices", "Express property," "Deal." And, of course, to attract Internet resources. Also, for the successful sale of real estate requires that your apartment, room was in the "official" database, used by real estate agency. Most potential buyers to buy an apartment, a room turn into a real estate agency. To profitably sell an apartment, room, use the assessment on our website. Use self-assessment of the relative exposed at the moment of apartments, rooms are often fraught with the revaluation of its real estate. It is connected with the natural psychology of the seller - in fact mostly pay attention to you for the same property of maximum value. A waste of time at present is likely, and the loss of money.

Real Estate Appraisalproperty valuation
Here You can assess the value of the apartment, room, and watch the cost of art in the sale of apartments, rooms. This property valuation is not just a comparative similar sales in your rayone.Ukazav in the notes features (repair of the apartment, sostoyanoie door, etc.) on a flat or a room, our specialists will take into account these factors affecting the price of your property. That's why we do not make an assessment mode on-line, because this estimate is distorted. In a real database apartments, rooms, you will be given real options (with phone vendors) currently on the market. And if you want not only to sell an apartment or a room, but also at the same time purchase another flat, then the base you just need.


Addition, in order to sell an apartment, a room should compile a complete package of documents for the transaction. And prepare it based on the fact that your apartment can be bought on the mortgage. This may require additional documents: the certificate from MHP (mental hospital) and NA (Drug Dispensary) about the fact that you are not registered in these institutions, knows quite a certificate from the (single state register of rights), it was archival excerpt from the house, it is possible that will require help from TIB on the estimated value of the apartment. If you sell a five-story apartment house, it happens that requires a certificate from the prefecture that your house is not in the plan for demolition. In general, to sell an apartment, a room often have not just an ad and wait for the buyer. Of course, all these concerns on sale of apartments, rooms, our company takes itself. And we provide services not just to sell an apartment, but also provide all sorts of "alternative" sales transactions.

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